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How to stay injury free.

Almost everyone has been there at any given point. That time when you did too many double unders and had to take time off from training because the ankle and calf wouldn´t let you do almost anything. Or that time when you were too tired to pay attention to your [...]

How to stay injury free.2020-02-03T19:36:36+00:00

What benefits can Sports Massage have for CrossFitters?

Sure, lacrosse balls, foam rollers and stretching can help recovery, but also a regular sports massage can help taking your fitness to a higher level. What is sports massage? Sports massage has been around since the ancient times, even the roman gladiators had massages before and after training. (I´m sure [...]

What benefits can Sports Massage have for CrossFitters?2019-06-04T17:54:12+00:00