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Get your Marbella personal trainer to improve your quality of life and achieve your sporting or fitness goals. Working with a personal trainer has many benefits and advantages compared to the traditional way of exercising by oneself or in the gym. Mainly, the role of the personal trainer, is to teach you and educate you on the way to exercise. You will maximize the time and effort to achieve your goals, be it sports, aesthetics, lifestyle or health reasons.

The personal trainer ensures that you avoid situations where there is risk of injury, especially if you already have an injury or if you have not exercised for a long time or if you start from scratch.

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Do you have a specific goal? Do you find it hard to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself? Do you want to improve your quality of life? Do you feel that you are not improving your physical shape, even training? Maybe you should check the way you’re training?

We know the importance of training plans being designed around the goals and objectives of the client. And in Physiofitness we take the necessary time to interview and know the client’s objectives, all plans are then made together with the client so they fit all the specific needs of each client. Our motto is: “Better quality fitness for better life quality”

The client can do his session in the comfort of his house or choose the closest location that is comfortable (gym, park, etc.). The trainer can meet all the client’s individual specifications and design the training program completely according to the client’s goals. The trainer also increases the effectiveness of the training motivating and getting the client to strive to improve himself day by day.

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Depending on the goals you have, at Physiofitness, we will help you develop a training plan that fits your goals.

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“I was unmotivated and did not like going to the gym. I then started with Pedro as my personal trainer and I noticed a positive change in my appearance after only a matter of weeks. I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have at my age (almost 50) without Pedro. I am happy and now more motivated with myself. I definitely recommend Pedro to anyone looking for great quality personal trainer, and the fact he is also a physio is an added bonus.”

“Pedro is great! He got me walking again after a broken hip. His rehab exercise program, knowledge and patient encouragement sped my progress beyond the doctor’s expectations. Both traditional and water therapy kept our sessions interesting and progressive. Fully healed, back in my routine and I don’t even have a limp. Thanks Pedro.”

“In recent years, Pedro has been my trainer and physiotherapist and with talent, patience and care, kept me in good physical and mental form. I have been physically active since my teens and have known many instructors. Few have the same insight, warmth and knowledge level as Pedro. He has a big part of the credit because I’m still able to work – even after two heavy operations, hip and heart. A first class therapist, warm and human. Highly recommended to all of us who in mature age need a helping hand to keep body and mind in vigor. ”